Prayze N Prayer Books

Prayze N Prayer Books

When I was going through a rough patch in my life I decided to do something different. I started coloring just for the fun of it. I found out after completing a few pages that coloring calmed me in a way that I did not expect. It took away the stress of the day and in calming me it gave me positive mental energy. I found that simple pages were the most calming. 

Ive journaled since I was 14. It is a fantastic way to have honest self-talk. some of my pages are directed to and about me. Some of my pages are actually words of thanksgiving and gratitude. Some of my pages are planning pages. I feel when you write it out it becomes real and sometimes etched in stone. Journaling is very therapeutic. I go back at the end of the year and read my journal to see how Ive grown or what accomplishments I made and so much more. Journaling can be a good friend. :-)

Prayer has always been a daily ritual for me and is a great start for any day. I share some of my personal prayers in every book created in the collection. I pray that each reader will make it their own and create affirmations that will strengthen and motivate. Although the books are designed with adults in mind, teens can achieve the same results because the designs are created for entertainment, calming and relaxing with a goal for mental wellness.

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